Chopo case study

A new Magento online shop to streamline Chopo's appointment booking process

Redegal caso de éxito - Chopo


  • Sales increase of around 200% and web traffic growth of more than 60% thanks to the Magento online shop.
  • Implementation of a seamless offline/online appointment system in strict compliance with personal data legislation.
Chopo case study

How we helped Chopo to digitalise their business

Chopo, Mexico’s benchmark medical laboratory

Laboratorio Médico del Chopo is the most important medical laboratory in Mexico, with more than 330 locations and 27 specialised centres throughout the country. Among the more than 2,500 different lab and imaging studies they offer, one of their most demanded services is Covid-19 testing.

Chopo’s move from offline to online

Before taking the big leap into the digital world, Chopo had a website that was very much oriented towards promoting its laboratory in conventional media. Its website allowed the downloading of coupons and the consultation of prices and offers on different diagnostic tests, but it was not possible to make online bookings or purchases. Chopo relied on Redegal to develop its new website and online shop in order to increase its sales thanks to this new channel.

A new Magento online shop

After analysing Chopo’s needs and objectives with their online shop, we determined that the most suitable eCommerce platform was Magento. Redegal’s team created different designs to begin the development of the eCommerce, with a focus on mobile devices and on guaranteeing the privacy and security of the data of the service’s users. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic meant that the development also included a specific section for PCR and antigen tests to handle both home appointments and laboratory consultations.

The keys behind their new eCommerce

  • Online/offline integration

    We developed an integrated system for booking tests or consultations which allows to sell and check available appointments online.
  • Personalised experience

    The online shop allows consultation and booking of appointments at the diagnostic centre closest to the customer's location.
  • Data protection

    We made sure that the development complied with legislation on personal and sensitive customer data.

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