Adolfo Domíngez success case

Adverting strategy to generate branding and increase Adolfo Domínguez´s online sales

Redegal caso de éxito - Adolfo Domínguez

advertising strategy

  • branding and sales

    Adolfo Domínguez´s goal was raise awareness of its#iamadolfo camapaign and increase sales. After the work done, the brand trusted Redegal to continue carrying out its branding strategies and position itself as a leading brand in the sector
  • Online advertising

    Online advertising strategies allow us to position the brand in the top positions for generic and brand searches, thus increasing online traffic and consequently increasing sales. With visibility campaigns we were able to capture the attention of the target audience and thus improve the brand recognition in the sector.
  • Digital Analitics

    Accompanying the different advertising strategies, digital analytics were carried out that allow us to measure the resoults and develop new strategies based on the previous resoults. This analytics task allowed us to improve the advertising strategy and offer Adolfo Domínguez a comprehensive positioning service that was reflected in the achievement of the objectives.
Adolfo Domíngez success case

How we helped Adolfo Domínguez stand out on Digital

Adolfo Domínguez, a renowned brand in the fashion industry

Adolfo Dominguez is a renowned fashion brand that sought to raise awareness of the #yosoyadolfo campaign in the digital environment and also to empower its brand personality and increase sales of the new collection on the web and in physical stores.

How to stand out in a highly competitive digital media industry

In order to carry out its branding strategy and increase online sales, Adolfo Domínguez trusted Redegal to position the brand through advertising campaigns. This strategy accompanied by an analytics service allowed us to achieve our objectives and position the brand in digital media.

Brand promotion through advertising campaigns

To publicize the branding campaign, Redegal carried out online visibility campaigns such as display and gmail in google ads, video and image campaigns on Facebook and Instagram and video campaigns through YouTube. Support was also provided with the strategy of advertising reports in fashion media that allowed the brand to achieve greater recognition.

In order to increase online sales, search campaigns were carried out in search engines that allowed us to improve the brand’s results, but undoubtedly the activation of the shopping campaigns helped us to go from a stable trend in online sales to an increase in sales, thus surpassing the objectives initially proposed by Adolfo Domínguez.


  • Salvavidas Redegal
    +25,9 millones advertising impacts
  • Salvavidas Redegal
    +320% of purchases through advertising campaign ads
  • Salvavidas Redegal
    +313K video views

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