Digital analytics

We study user behaviour on your website, online shop or digital campaigns to optimise your online strategy.

A powerful digital analytics service

  • We measure everything that happens on your website, eCommerce or digital campaigns so you can make decisions based on data and market intelligence.

  • We analyse the data from your digital campaigns and present it to you in an organised and actionable way using Looker Studio (before Google Data Studio).

  • We monitor and interpret data from your social profiles to perform competition studies and optimise your social strategy.

  • We identify areas for improvement on your website or online shop to optimise them and improve your conversion rates and ROI.

Digital analytics

Our web analytics solutions

Make decisions with digital analytics

Thanks to digital analytics you will be able to obtain valuable information and data about your users to calculate relevant metrics for your business that will allow you to make decisions about your online marketing strategy. They can also help you to detect opportunities, deficiencies or areas for improvement in your online shop, website or digital marketing campaigns.

We configure data analysis to your needs

In order to set up a complete analytics system for your website, app, social media or digital campaigns, we need to know what your business objectives and needs are. This will help us to detect the main actions and conversions to measure for establishing the main metrics or KPIs to monitor and optimise using tools such as Google Analytics: traffic per device, bounce rate, return on advertising investment (ROAS), conversion rate, average lifetime value, acquisition cost…

Accurate and ready-to-go digital analytics

At Redegal we use different tools that check the veracity of the data collected by the main platforms and media, ensuring that the data we offer you is reliable. With all this information we work with dashboards in Looker Studio or customised reports that will help you to interpret what is happening in your digital business in a clear way so you can make decisions quickly.


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