Oney success case

A Ocomplete digital strategy for Oney

Redegal caso de éxito - Oney


  • Increased qualitative traffic to the website to generate new leads, as well as improved conversion rates.
  • Increased brand visibility thanks to strategies in different advertising media and loan comparison sites.
  • Growth in the volume of leads captured with interest in loan applications as well as in loan signings thanks to advertising campaigns and insights gained from the various analyses conducted.
Oney success case

How we help Oney stand out in Digital

Oney, more than a payment company in France

We help individuals and companies to better manage their economy with innovative and sustainable products. We have been doing so for 20 years in Spain, where we have more than 1,000,000 customers who trust us. We are present in 12 countries, with 7.8 million customers and more than 35 years of experience in Europe.

How to stand out in a highly competitive digital media industry

In order to position itself as a leader in a highly competitive digital finance sector, Oney relies on Redegal to find solutions that allow it to stand out from its competitors in the online media and help it to get the most out of the digital marketing campaigns of certain of its products and services.

A complete digital strategy to optimize your campaigns

To meet Oney’s digital business objectives we combine several of our online marketing services. Oney’s main objective in coming to Redegal is to expand loan applications. We start with the marking of all the forms and steps to obtain a loan. Thanks to this measurement we are able to carry out advertising campaigns in different media as well as an affiliation management with different media to obtain leads with an interest in loans. All this information is cross-referenced in data visualization tools for the extraction of business and strategic insights.

A complete digital strategy

  • Social Media Management

    A monthly content plan was implemented in social networks that allowed us to generate interesting and relevant content for users.
  • Online Advertising

    Performance and branding campaigns were carried out to improve Oney's positioning against the competition. This way, they can be placed in the first search positions in Google and cover key sites. This strategy was accompanied by affiliation actions with more than 30 publishers, which allowed us to give greater visibility to the brand.
  • Digital Analytics

    Accompanying the social media and paid strategies, digital analytics tasks were carried out with a strong focus on lead traceability in order to control attribution at a high level, thus observing immediate improvement possibilities.

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