With our SEO consultancy we will help you to position your brand among the first results of the main search engines.

A great team of SEO experts

  • We assess you on the best practices in web development or SEO migration to ensure that your organic traffic is not put at risk.

  • We perform a consultancy of your website or app to prepare a complete SEO or ASO strategy and improve its organic positioning.

  • We improve your positioning in the main search engines (mainly Google) and in the App Store and Google Play app stores.

  • We analyse the on page and off page factors of your website such as indexation, sitemap, metadata, keywords and internal links.


An experienced SEO agency

The importance of search engines

The vast amount of information available on the Internet has made search engines such as Google, Bing, App Store, Play Store, or Amazon the main way to access products, websites and mobile applications. That’s why getting a good organic SEO positioning is not only key to improve your online visibility, but it will also help you get the most out of your advertising investments in Google, app stores and other search engines.

A thorough SEO and ASO consultancy

Our expert SEO team will carry out a complete analysis of your digital presence to determine points of optimisation and improvement, both on page and off page of your website or mobile app. We will also need to know your business objectives, your competition and the keywords you would like to rank for in search engines and mobile app shops.

We improve your Google positioning

The results of a good search engine positioning strategy are not immediate and require time, work and constant optimisation due to the dependence of several factors such as Google’s changing algorithm, which is updated frequently. Whether it is a new website, a migration or an SEO campaign, to achieve your goals we will work on improving your website, we will develop a content strategy for your website or blog and we will help you to gain relevant links.

Increase your app downloads with our ASO agency

We know how important it is that the efforts you have put into the development of your mobile application are rewarded. At Redegal we help you to improve your position in the main app stores such as Google Play and Apple App Store so that you get more downloads and generate new sales.


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