How to register on Google Maps?

Appearing on Google Maps or as a prominent result in Google search offers visibility to companies and advantages to users. We tell you how to achieve this.

How to register on Google Maps?

Google Maps is constantly growing and increasing its functionalities to make life easier for travelers. Do you want to know how to register on Google Maps? Take note!

This tool has increased its popularity to become an essential travel complement and companies know it. At Redegal we tell you why your business should be present on Google Maps and how to take advantage of the platform’s full potential.

Google Maps, the great ally of small businesses

Any company or brand wishing to have a presence on the Internet must follow a series of steps. An effective way to achieve this is to have a presence on Google Maps, thus connecting the physical company with the virtual one. In this way, even without having a website or social networks, Internet users will be able to access your basic data such as location.

Appearing with your business on Google Maps is an essential local SEO strategy. Since, every day, people perform location-related mobile searches and Google adapts the search results to the users’ location.

In order to add a business on Google Maps, it is necessary to create a Google Business Profile, as listing a business on Google Maps is not possible directly. Businesses cannot register on Google Maps, the ones that are shown on Google Maps are those that have a Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business). 

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is a web map application server that has been active for more than fifteen years. Moreover, thanks to the mobile APP, its use has become so popular that it has become an essential application for travelers. Who uses a paper map when you can carry an atlas in your pocket?

Google Maps offers scrollable map images, satellite photographs of the world and also the route between different locations or images at street level through Google Street View along with a route calculator on foot, by car, bicycle or public transport.

Thanks to the introduction of search tools and movement on the map, interest in the use of satellite imagery has grown, both for research and personal purposes. It also offers the ability to customize it to mark sites of interest, benefiting both users and companies.

Why add and position a business on Google Maps?

The ways of accessing information and the channels users use to discover new products or services have changed. A multichannel communication strategy is no longer enough; for a brand to be competitive, it must take advantage of all opportunities and be seen.

Google Maps is one more showcase for any business, a space that must satisfy the needs of both users and new and potential customers. In the case of a coffee shop, for example, the Google Maps profile must meet the needs of a potential customer who is nearby and is looking for a place to have a coffee, but also those of a regular user who forgot his umbrella and needs to call the shop to ask for it.

In the current scenario, taking care of the Google Maps profile of a business is essential given the great competitive advantages it offers in terms of visibility. This tool, which is completely free of charge, helps companies to be found by those searching online for a service or product nearby, in addition to showing direct access to whoever is looking for the company.

Advantages of appearing on Google Maps

  • Increases visibility, attracting new customers to the business.
  • Ease of contact: allows users to get in touch through the different channels available (phone, email, WhatsApp…) and find the location quickly and easily.
  • Instant update: shows the updated information of the business.
  • Direct contact with the customer: knowing the interests and preferences of customers is essential for decision making. For this reason, the possibility of receiving first-person feedback on the product or service brings great value to the company.
  • It improves the brand’s online presence.

It helps to define the business, to identify the services and products it offers and its area of activity. Both users and Google.

Where can I see the company’s listing on Google Maps?

This is a profile of a business that is displayed within Google Maps and in the Google search engine itself, either from the browser or from the app. If the profile is properly optimized, users will not only be able to find the brand by searching for it directly, but they will also be able to access it through the products or services offered, and even as a company related to your competitors.

The tab in the search results consists of a map showing the locations of the businesses that match the search and a list of them. In it, you can see basic information about the business, customer reviews, buttons that allow you to access the website, directions on how to get there and how to contact the business….. Depending on the device and location of the search, Google will adapt the results and display them in the most attractive way for users.

How to register on Google Maps

As we have already mentioned, to make your business appear on Google Maps you must register a Business Profile on Google and optimize it. Below we show you the steps to do it, but if you want to delegate the task of creating and optimizing it, contact us, we offer this service within our SEO positioning services.

  1. The first thing you need to do to create your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is to go to the Google Business Profile page and click on the “Manage Now” button. You will then be prompted to sign in with your Google Account (the business one!). If you don’t already have one you will need to create one from “Create account”. 
  1. Once you are logged in, Google will redirect you to the main Business Profile page where you can claim your business if it exists or add your business.  If your business is listed click “Next” and Google will automatically fill in your business details in the form that will appear. In case you have to add it manually, you will have to click on “Add your business to Google” and fill in the form data, including the full business name of your company and its business category (it is very important to choose well!).
  1. It is time to complete the form with the most relevant data, including:
  • Name of the business or company
  • Category (type of business: trade, service company, restaurant…)
  • Address. If there are two or more addresses, create as many company profiles as there are branches.
  • Contact details (phone number, website, social networks…).

But, wait! because the process is not over yet, now is the time to…

  • Verify the business. In this next step, Google wants to verify that your business is located in the place you have indicated, therefore, to complete the registration you must include the address to receive a card by mail with a code.
  • Confirm the business. Within approximately 15 days you will receive the Company Profile card in your mailbox. When you receive it, you must follow the instructions inside and use a code that allows you to verify the business, you will have to wait approximately 24 hours for the verification to be completed. You can check the verification status from this link. When it is completed, you can search for your business name in Google and it should appear.  

And that’s it! You have incorporated your business into Google Maps. However, in order to offer a good company image it is necessary to carry out a specific strategy that provides visibility to your business. Having a poorly optimized Company Profile can even be counterproductive.

How to get my business to the top of the rankings

The position of your business within Google Maps is not always controlled, it also depends on the location that the user searches for. Google gives priority to the businesses closest to the user.

If when searching for the name of the company the profile does not appear, it is possible that it is not yet verified or that it has not been created correctly. If when searching for your company’s products or services the profile does not appear at the top of the results, it is likely that your competition has a more optimized profile, has more relevance, physical proximity or a combination of several factors.

There are certain elements to take into account to increase your company’s visibility that you can configure within the platform:

  • Profile information: add as much information about your business that is of interest in your profile, you can also include the main keywords that allow you to identify the type of company you are and what services you offer. Always following Google’s guidelines to avoid penalties. You can also add contact information, the products you offer sorted by categories and images that allow the customer to approach the company, to help them to identify it and to make a representation of it (the logo, images of the business, the day to day …).
  • Take advantage of your profile updates: To improve your local SEO and appear earlier on the first page of Google in local searches, it is essential that you keep your company profile active and updated.  Any change that occurs you must update it in your profile, as well as the complete address, the URL of the website, the business hours… Otherwise you will lose potential customers. You can also add relevant information such as offers, publications, the latest articles from the company’s blog… 
  • Encourage customers to leave their review: to appear first in Google you should work on the reviews provided by customers. In star format users can leave their ratings next to the reviews that will add value to the business, qualifying your reputation and the interest of users. Satisfied customers with positive ratings and testimonials will help attract more customers interested in your business. Negative ones could drive them away, so it’s good to manage all of them in a polite and helpful way. The company’s responses say as much about it as the reviews left by customers.

These are just a series of elements to take into account to optimize the local search of your business, but there are also other resources that will help you when it comes to appear in search results: Google Ads campaigns, the content published on social media profiles, SEO positioning of the website…    Now that you know what Google Maps is and how it can help your business, you can’t miss the opportunity to benefit from its full potential. Can we help you? Our SEO team is ready for anything.   

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