Connectif: what is it and how does it benefit ecommerce?

We tell you what Connectif is, what it’s for and the ways it can help your ecommerce through its web customization, the features that make this platform unique… and much more!

Connectif: what is it and how does it benefit ecommerce?

Have you ever entered an ecommerce site and a pop-up welcomed you by offering a discount on your first purchase? Does your favorite online store remind you of the products you have abandoned in your shopping cart?

This type of automatic and personalized responses do not happen by magic, they are the result of a marketing strategy in which Marketing Automation tools such as Connectif have a lot to do.

Do you want to know what Connectif is and how it benefits ecommerce? We’ll tell you all about it!

What is Connectif and what is it for?

For its creators, Connectif is “the most powerful and usable CDXP platform for your Marketing Automation”. But are you clear on what Marketing Automation is all about? 

Also known as automated marketing, it is a digital marketing resource based on automating repetitive processes and actions. There are so many advantages that the demand for this type of software continues to grow. There are a multitude of alternatives but, if we have to choose, at Redegal we are committed to Connectif. We’ll tell you why!

As we have already mentioned, Connectif is defined as a powerful CDXP platform, that is, it adds an extra utility to the Customer Data Platform, the possibility of improving the user experience of an ecommerce. To achieve this, Connectif combines AI-driven marketing automation, real-time analytics and UX optimization.

Connectif is therefore a personalization tool for ecommerce that, thanks to a simple CMS integration, allows you to interact with users in real time and through different channels at key moments of the Customer Journey. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

This Spanish platform allows the establishment of direct and unique relationships, personalizing each experience according to previously defined objectives.  In addition, Connectif offers the possibility of integrating all channels of communication with the user -email, push, SMS…- and tracking their digital footprint, whether the interaction occurs anonymously or if they are identified as known.

How can Connectif help ecommerce?

Based on our experience, at Redegal we know that integrating Connectif to an ecommerce can take it to another level thanks to its direct influence on the Customer Journey.

In the current digital stage, ensuring good customer service and a positive impact is one of the main concerns of brands, which is why more and more are relying on this tool as a key part of their strategy.  Thanks to its features, Connectif can boast multiple competitive advantages from the point of view of ecommerce growth:

  • It offers an omnichannel vision. Managing data collection channels from a single tool enables faster and more efficient decision making. 
  • Allows the creation of workflows. Workflows make it possible to structure hypothetical scenarios based on action and reaction dynamics in which different channels (email, SMS, push, etc.) can intervene. Although the combination possibilities are infinite, they will always be oriented towards different objectives: acquisition, conversion, retention, loyalty or reactivation. This process by which we anticipate users’ actions transforms a reactive ecommerce into a proactive and dynamic one.
  • It enables advanced segmentation and definition of the buyer persona. Connectif’s Artificial Intelligence not only allows us to have a global vision of customers and users from this software, but also helps us to build the buyer persona dynamically in real time by analyzing behaviors and activities. Segmentation is a key aspect to get the maximum performance of all marketing actions linked to an ecommerce.
  • It guarantees behavior-based personalization. Can you imagine the possibility of building a personalized ecommerce for each user? Thanks to Connectif’s dynamic content tools, impacting each user with a different content and message is a reality.

What kind of web customization do you offer?

As mentioned above, Connectif stands out for its great capacity for customization. Thus, this software allows you to intervene on the web or ecommerce with different tools and features:

  • Dynamic web content. Pop-ups, Slide In, Full Screen, Floating bars or Inline are the different types of dynamic communications through which it is possible to deliver a message, request, and content recommendation to users. 
  • Landing pages. In order to increase conversions it is possible to create customized landing pages to impact a specific audience, to use in a specific campaign or to show at a specific moment of the customer journey. 
  • Forms. From capturing leads with a floating bar or a pop-up, to knowing the preferences of contacts through a landing page. Connectif allows you to easily integrate forms in different strategies to show them to specific audiences at a predetermined time and in a predetermined way. 
  • Recommendations. Thanks to the integration of Connectif with the product catalog and the action of Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to offer intelligent product recommendations. That is to say, to show users content based on their interests, products visited, purchase history… 

What kind of communication channels does it offer?

At this point, it is worth asking what are the communication channels that Connectif allows to include in the strategy of an online business. Thus, within the omnichannel marketing functionalities we find:

  • Email. The possibilities of Connectif’s email marketing software are another of its great strengths. This tool allows the agile creation of mass personalized campaigns or campaigns directed to personalized segments. Through the email channel it is possible to send a newsletter with the latest news as well as a communication with the products abandoned in the shopping cart. 
  • Push notifications: Did you know that these messages are currently one of the communication options with the highest ROI? Whether from mobile devices or desktop, push notifications offer good conversion rates as they communicate to users content of their interest in a simple and direct way, from a birthday greeting to an active discount on your most purchased product.
  • SMS. Far from being an old-fashioned channel, SMS is a great opportunity to capture the attention of users. Did you know that it offers one of the best open rates? Take advantage of it!
  • Social campaigns. Connectif’s integration with Instagram and Facebook allows to extend the visibility of retargeting campaigns, improving their performance and personalizing the browsing experience of users coming from both social networks.

What integrations does Connectif allow?

However, in order to take advantage of Connectif’s full potential, it is necessary to integrate with the CMS.

One of the advantages of the tool is that it facilitates integration with the main ecommerce platforms. Through a native API, it imports all user, navigation and sales data so that you can start enjoying the benefits of marketing automation with Connectif from minute one. 

Thus, it is possible to integrate Connectif with Prestashop, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce or through Google Tag Manager. This advantage makes it adaptable to almost any type of online business and allows us to exploit all its features.

The importance of insights

It is well known that having real-time statistics is essential information to control the conversion of a business and adjust the strategy to the needs that arise. 

Thus, Connectif allows us to know the opening data of each email and the workflows with the best ROI, identify the most effective communication channels or analyze the influence of active flows in each sale.  

However, harnessing the full potential of Connectif would be an almost impossible mission without a team of professionals capable of interpreting and analyzing the data.

Now that you know the advantages of Marketing Automation and all that Connectif can do for an ecommerce, do you dare to take the plunge? At Redegal we have a team with extensive experience in this type of strategy that will take your business to a new level. How far do you want to go?  

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