What is Chat GPT and what are its main uses in marketing?

Artificial intelligence systems like Chat GPT are taking over our day to day. They are the sensation in the tech world.GPT Chat is leaving everyone speechless. It has countless applications and has come to stay. If you want to know everything about this smart chat and not be left behind, keep reading!

What is Chat GPT and what are its main uses in marketing?

Artificial intelligence systems like Chat GPT are taking over our day to day. They are the sensation of the moment in the tech world.

GPT Chat is leaving everyone speechless. It has countless applications and has come to stay. If you want to know everything about this smart chat and not be left behind, keep reading!

What is Chat GPT? 

Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a language model developed by Open AI that has established a before and after in artificial intelligence. Open AI is an organization focused on the research and development of artificial intelligence. It was founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and Greg Brockman. Its goal is to develop high-quality and freely accessible AI technologies for society

GPT Chat is one of the latest projects OpenAI has been developing. It is a language model that has been created with a large amount of data so that it would have the ability to perform a wide variety of tasks related to natural language. This system has been developed based on the GPT-3 model, a less complex language model with limited actions.

The new model has a great ability to understand the context and intention behind user questions or queries. This makes it a key tool for creating chatbots and increasing the precision in information search systems by offering very precise answers to some highly complex questions (despite the fact that as of the publication date this post data only covers up to 2021).

Chat GPT utilities

This tool has been trained to perform a wide variety of tasks based on natural language. Thanks to this approach it has become very useful for various applications.

What is ChatGPT used for? Within the diversity of GPT Chat applications we can highlight:

Text generation: this language model is able to generate coherent and natural texts based on your needs. You can create anything from stories or articles to providing answers to questions.

Improve the accuracy of search systems: due to its comprehension capacity, it is able to understand the context and the interaction behind the different user queries and give a concrete answer even though the questions may be vague or incomplete.

Chatbots development: you can also use GPT Chat to develop chatbots capable of having natural and consistent conversations with users. These chatbots will be able to answer user questions like a human being in a transactional conversational environment such as in a customer service department.  

Improvement of  natural language processing: thanks to this tool natural language can be improved in different applications such as automatic translation or the detection of emotions in the text, which makes possible to improve customer service by improving the interpretation of the information it provides.

Use Chat GPT and its applications in marketing


Marketing is one of the beneficiaries of this new language system, more specifically content marketing. Chat GPT provides endless new opportunities and helps to simplify and automate processes, reducing time and costs.

  One of the most common utilities due to the generation of content and its ability to answer questions is the automation of customer service through chatbots. Businesses use GPT Chat to create chatbots that naturally respond to customer questions and offer product recommendations. 

In line with this, it’s commonly used  to generate personalized responses via email to common questions or queries from users.

It’s also commonly used to manage information, is such an advanced tool that it supports the creation of high-quality content for SEO, both for the website and strategies for social networks such as Instagram. This has made it one of the most relevant and promising applications, which is why we will talk about them later. But we must not forget that it is not recommended to use it as the only tool to generate content.

It can also be a source of inspiration when it comes to finding topics of interest to users, optimizing the search and research time of the human team.

Due to its support in generating texts with a natural and coherent language, it helps to improve customer engagement and increases the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Chat GPT is capable of adjusting to a specific sector or case of use, allowing companies to generate very specific and relevant content, although it is still not 100% reliable in many sectors, especially technical ones.

It is clear all the positive things that brings, but its negative implications must also be taken into account. Its ability to generate coherent texts makes it possible to create “deepfake” content with false or incomplete information. It is also important to highlight that the sources consulted for the writing of these texts are not mentioned in the chat response. At Redegal we value the creation of content from reliable sources and we recommend taking this into account when generating content with this AI. On the other hand, if the creation of content is based on the generation of texts only from GPT Chat, it is very likely that duplicate content will end up being generated for others from the competition. In the long term, it could have consequences for the integrity of the information and break trust in the source of the information.

Chat GPT and its impact in SEO 

We do not know the specific dimension of the impact that this tool will have on SEO techniques , but what we do know is that it is here to stay.

Chat GPT, in addition to content creation, can help optimize the meta information of sites with thousands of pages, which otherwise could not be optimized as much. Thanks to its analysis capacity, it can use the information to generate specific and attractive descriptions for a website, adjusting to the appropriate lengths. It is also very useful for generating relevant keywords that you can use in your meta tags, thus increasing your visibility.

The use of SEO as a marketing strategy thanks to the facilities provided by Chat GPT has led many companies to jump on the boat recently.

The GPT Chat applications that are beginning to be incorporated for technical SEO are:

1.Generation of structured data: allows you to easily create any json or schema code that would otherwise need to be done  manually. The tool helps to generate the type of code that you want to create and allows you to copy it to validate it in the Google structured data tool afterwards. In this way it can be verified that it does not generate errors and that it can be incorporated into the web.

2.Generation guidelines in .httaccess: another of its most common applications is the generation of guidelines for .httaccess. Thanks to Chat GPT we can create redirection, caching or GZIP compression rules. Whenever possible, we recommend that they be supervised by an expert in the field and that tests be carried out before and after their implementation.

3.Create an XPath code to extract information from a website: this tool makes it very easy to create basic XPath compatible codes to use in tools or plugins that help extract information from websites in an automated way.

4.Creation of Excel formulas: with just an explanation of what you want to do, this tool will generate the formula or regular expression. It helps users create automated reports, find patterns, or make predictions based on existing data. Improves efficiency and productivity.

Advantages and disadvantages of Chat GPT

The advantages of this tool are clear, but, like everything, it also has its downside. We must be very careful when using it and how we use it.

One of the main disadvantages of this language model is its ability to generate false or misleading content. Chat GPT was trained to handle a large volume of real data but there is still a chance that it will create false or inaccurate information. Although the use of this type of tool facilitates the creation of content, it is still necessary that there is a human behind it that corroborates and gives the go-ahead to everything it generates.

Creating false or untrue information can lead to various problems. You have to be careful, the internet houses a lot of information but we must be critical with it.

This is especially dangerous in the field of cybersecurity, where the accuracy and veracity of the information is crucial to make decisions and protect computer systems.

Another disadvantage is its tendency to reflect the biases and inequities of the data with which it has been trained. If the data contains gender, race, sexual orientation or political biases, it is very likely that they will be reflected in the responses and texts that it generates.

Another reason why human supervision of these types of tools is key, their ability is very close to that of a human, but there are still many things that set us apart. They are a point of support for work, but we should not entrust them with unsupervised tasks.

The potential energy cost also enters the scene, the advances it offers us are clear, but it also implies an increase in energy expenditure for companies.

Chat GPT has simplified and will continue to simplify many aspects of our lives, but it is important to take stock to optimize processes without forgetting the value of human work.

How do we implement it from Redegal?

At Redegal we are always committed to implementing new technologies that make our lives easier.

Although we keep our eyes on the evolution of Chat GPT due to its aforementioned advantages, we continue to bet on content in which decisions about it are made by human beings. It does not exclude the use of the tool but control is not left over it. We recommend that whenever a language model or any AI is implemented, the output is reviewed by subject matter experts.

Having a team of experts behind your content will achieve greater quality and originality. You will make your information reliable and your results will not be affected. Using this tool as one more support instead of a final resource will help you achieve it.

If you are looking to optimize your resources and get the most out of your content, do not hesitate to contact us! 😉

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