Threads for business: tips for maximizing benefits

The digital world keeps evolving, just like social media platforms. Threads, by Meta and linked to Instagram, is one of its latest additions, and we’ll tell you five reasons to incorporate this platform into your communication strategy.

Threads for business: tips for maximizing benefits

A new social network means that there is another opportunity to connect with customers, boost sales and strengthen your brand’s presence in the digital plane. Threads, the platform launched by Meta and linked to Instagram, is one of the latest to enter the market (on July 5, 2023, in the US and 100 other countries including Mexico, and in the European Union on December 14, 2023). In just one day after its launch, it accumulated 30 million users (according to Mark Zuckerberg). 

Growth has continued to be fast and exponential, which together with novelty leads to more reach and exposure. Is Threads recommended for companies? We invite you to continue reading to know how to use Threads and see the advantages it would have in the marketing of your business. Here we go! 

What content works in Threads for companies? 

If you are wondering what Threads is, it is a social network created by Meta, focused on microblogging, that is, to share short messages or threads. The network itself is defined as a space to share “your ideas and connect through conversations”. Some of the features and formats that you can work on Threads are: 

  • Text is the foundation of posts and has a limit of 500 characters. It is also possible to add photos, videos up to 5 minutes long, links, GIFs, audio messages, polls to get responses from users, or mention other users. These formats allow your brand to communicate in a more diverse way than with text alone.
  • It is possible to respond to posts from other profiles, share them, like them, or quote them with text. Due to its connection with Instagram, you can share Threads posts in your stories and link the profile in your bio. Thanks to this, it is easier to maintain the connection between social networks, and your connection with your audience becomes more organic.
  • It allows you to create groups where you can bring together people with common interests. With your brand, you could build a community to share information about new products or services, encouraging customer closeness and loyalty. 
  • In the social network feed, appear a combination of posts from accounts the user follows and those that might interest them, selected by algorithms based on interactions or preferences. Therefore, your business will have the opportunity to appear in the feeds of potential customers.

How to start ot Threads as a business?

The first thing to make your brand part of Threads is to create a profile. It can be done using the mobile app (available on Google Play or Apple Store) or with the desktop version

There is the option to log in with your Instagram account and if you do it, the username and biography will be automatically copied to the Threads profile. With this option, you can use Threads as if it were another social network.

Another option is to utilize it without creating a profile, but we don’t recommend this for your business. This mode has limitations such as being unable to create your own posts or interact with content (both functionalities are essential for using it to benefit your brand).

Unlike in Instagram, the links are incorporated naturally and can guide the user to your website and get sales for your ecommerce, which from Redegal we can help you create and maintain.

One way to optimize the biography in Threads is to describe what your business offers, leave the link to the website, a contact and mention the benefits of your brand. 

Define your purpose

When the company profile is already open, before publishing it is essential to have a strategy about what you want to achieve on this platform. This involves setting objectives, which can range from increasing visibility or improving audience engagement to boosting sales. 

To achieve realistic goals, we recommend using the Smart method: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and temporary objectives. For example, aiming for a 5% increase in sales of a specific product line over the next four months.

Meet your audience

Getting the purposes is easier if you know your audience because the communication strategy would be more accurate. For this you can choose to do a buyer persona, focus group or surveys. Also through questions such as: 

  • What do you need? 
  • What do you like? 
  • What are your concerns? 
  • How are your buying behaviors? 

As Threads is a platform linked to Instagram, they likely share an audience. According to Statista, it is estimated that there are over two billion Instagram users worldwide, so at least that many people could access Threads. Users aged 18 to 24 are the most active on this application.

Create value content

Content is what will drive people to view your brand’s profile and visit your website for more information. This will be easier if you create original, relevant, unique and useful content for your audience, always in line with your brand identity. We have been working for years on planning and generating content strategies around your brand.

It will also help to analyze the trends on Threads and see what content works best or which topics have the most interaction. You can share articles, infographics with data, videos, or engaging quotes to attract the audience and start a conversation.

5 benefits to use Threads for your business

Having a Threads account also has an impact on your business’s digital marketing. Here are five reasons to bet on this social network. 

1. Gain competitive advantage

The emergence of a new social platform can be a way to achieve differentiation and gain an advantage over the competition. You can be one of the first brands in your sector to arrive and explore the platform’s unique features.

This way, when other brands start using it, your brand will already have a stable community and it will be easier to grow. In addition, creating valuable content can generate impact and serve as a guide for businesses who open their profile later. 

2. Direct interaction with your customers 

Among the features of Threads is that of responding to publications. The user can solve questions, interactions with products and participate in conversations in real time .In this way, this recent social network is positioned as one of the fastest platforms and options to interact with customers. This can serve as a customer service channel.  

3. Encourages participation 

Making the user feel like they are part of your business is key to getting them to engage in the purchasing process. On Threads, you can ask questions or share opinions on topics the audience is discussing to grab their attention and encourage participation. The more interaction, the more visibility. In addition, you can organize contests and giveaways, which create engagement and help reach a new audience.

4. Promotion of products and services

Like other social networks, Threads is also a tool to promote your company’s products and services. It can be done in several ways: 

  • Labeling distributors, sellers, suppliers or people related to the sector in which you work.
  • Sharing images or videos of the products you offer in your ecommerce and accompany the publications with the link that leads to your website. 
  • Offer exclusive discounts for your brand’s followers on Threads.

5. Participate in social conversation 

As mentioned, Threads is an application in which text is the main format and which makes interaction easier. hanks to this your brand can participate in conversations and threads related to the product or service you offer. For example, if you have a cosmetics store you can do a search and find users who ask what is the best product for a particular problem. It will be an opportunity to help the person behind that profile and get visibility. 

Feel like joining Threads? At Redegal we have a team of social media professionals who can help you build a strategy with which to boost the sales of your business. We’re here to listen to whatever you need. Shall we talk?

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