June 2020, the announced end of Magento 1 arrives

June 2020, the announced end of Magento 1 arrives

Since Adobe’s announcement to end support for Magento 1 in June 2020, hundreds of thousand of companies and webmasters built on Magento 1 will wonder what will happen now and what will happen to their online business without company support. Is it time to migrate to Magento 2?
Do not panic! Your eCommerce will not be closed overnight, but you may start to be at serious risk of limitations. While the end of life for Magento 1 won’t have an immediate effect on June 30, there are long-term effects to be aware of if you don’t upgrade your online store to Magento 2.
The maintenance of Magento 1 ensures a safe sales process and the necessary patches for the proper functioning of the websites. Focusing on security, throughout the life of Magento 1, its creators have been implementing innumerable patches that nullified the discovered vulnerabilities. Therefore, if the stacks are not found in the new versions, the data of your clients or those of your company themselves may be at the mercy of any hacker, who finds new vulnerabilities in Magento 1 or its extensions.

Monitor the security of your eCommerce

The credibility of a website, of an online store, is highly sustained by the security with which they treat customer’s personal data. Therefore, make sure that your online store receives the best possible maintenance, because in addition to being able to lose customers and a reputation, you can face lawsuits for data loss.
Magento 2 is not new. It has been on the market for 5 years with notable improvements, increased speed and much more optimal performance than its predecessor. There are already many companies that have Magento 2 for their eCommerce, so customers will be able to notice the difference of your online store developed on Magento 1 compared to the competition that has already moved to level 2. As Magento 2 become more frequent, Magento 1 will seem to your client a much slower environment.

I want to migrate to Magento 2

Unfortunately, changing the version from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is not like updating the version of our application on the mobile or the browser extension. The process requires very specific and scheduled planning. Restructure the site, migrate the data, optimize it, for which you will have to contact specialists such as Redegal. You can try it alone, there is nothing impossible, but there are complexities and dangers that do not recommend it. Hiring migration services to Magento 2 will give you peace of mind and avoid complications.
At Redegal we have been developing websites for 16 years, with extensive experience in ecommerce design and we are partners with Magento. We have a strong team of Magento experts trusted by leading brands from all sectors for key operations in their online stores. To where you want to go?