It’s our anniversary!

It’s our anniversary!

Today is a special day for us. It’s been exactly one year since we began a new era for Redegal. Those humble offices were left behind, and our new headquarters were unveiled. A new space to keep up with our steady growth in the last years, at both national and overseas levels.

Redegal was born more than 10 years ago, thanks to Jorge Vázquez and Rocío Veiga. But, it wasn’t until the May the 12th of 2015 that we showcased our business philosophy with our new office in Ourense. A philosophy based on offering our customers top quality services, while guiding them and sharing the way throughout their projects, and of course, celebrating our successes together.

Sala de Xunta


Making the decision of establishing our head office in Ourense wasn’t hard, as we wanted to stay true to our roots and keep here our epicenter. What was actually hard was finding a place that could meet the requirements we consider essential for any agency of our kind. An open space, where our colleagues can feel at home and our different departments can communicate in the most comfortable way possible. Also, we needed to offer our customers a formal atmosphere, restrained and elegant where they could make decisions and share their experiences.

After some months searching, we finally found the perfect space to be shaped and redecorated with those hints of character, experience and passion that identify us.


It’s been 365 days since we celebrated our new headquarters opening, accompanied by customers, colleagues, partners and a variety of organizations from the Spanish and Mexican business networks.

As our CEO pointed out in his inaugural speech, Redegal was born with a team of just 4 people and, nowadays, our workforce consists of more than 50 employees, distributed along our several offices in Spain, Mexico and Colombia.

At that point, we were announcing our expansion to the Colombian market. Today that’s already a fact. Our client portfolio includes Colombian firms that at this moment trust us to get their projects running.

But our international expansion program doesn’t end here. We carry on working every day to become the industry reference in new markets. A year ago we advanced our intentions for Colombia, today, May the 12th of 2016, we point at some other Latin American countries.

Regarding the Spanish and Mexican markets, we continue to enlarge our history of success and to receive awards for our work, like the recent eAwards Mexico 2016, where we were rewarded with the prize to the Best Online Agency in Traffic Generation.

This path is not easy, but is feasible with the effort and dedication of all our colleagues, who, as Jorge Vázquez pointed out one year ago, have gone from being engineers, technicians and graduates to becoming “illusion-makers”.